She is Social Media Celebrities (YouTuber) by profession. Birth Sign Scorpio. Deon rose to prominence thanks to her self-titled YouTube channel, which has millions of subscribers. Her YouTube channel now has over 2 million subscribers. Kinigra is the step mom. Mariah Huq's biography: who is the creator of Married to Medicine. She is also popular on Instagram and accrued over 108,000 followers in response to posting fashion and modeling content on her Instagram account. The family is made up of many different species of magical creatures, all of whom are related to one another through a common ancestor. Physicist by training, she went on to become an actress and model. His parents are namedKinigra and Reggie. Kinigra Deon gained popularity on You Tube. Hey, my favorite youtuber I'm a Sagittarius too. Because I seen kinigra deon videos and arii . Click See First under the Following tab to see News on your Facebook News Feed! Her TikTokkinigradeon also contains skits involving her family such as "OUR FAMILY SUPERPOWERS.". Deon, on the other hand, has millions of followers on Instagram and Tik Tok. 2. Yes bby , Roman Ari and Kmila are his kids Kmila is their step sister. They boast more than180,000 dedicated subscribers on their shared channel.Their \"Kinigra Deon's BABYSHOWER\" video has been viewed in excess of 700,000 times in total. Now, with two kids under her belt, shes learned a thing or two about balancing work and motherhood. The model recently became a mother for the first time. Kinigra Deon as seen in a picture that was taken in August 2022 (Kinigra Deon / Instagram) Kinigra Deon Facts. Some of her most viewed videos are. Roman is actually Reggies brother and Ariis uncle, despite the fact that some people mistake him for Ariis brother. Kinigra Deon primarily uploads comedy skits and web series to YouTube. Kinigra Deon is a mother of two who loves her children dearly. For god sake child. Many people (her fans) are asking about the details of Kinigra Deons love affairs, husband, & children. When is the next birthday of Arii? She has also launched an e-commerce store and a style counselling service. K'mila is her biological daughter with Reggie, whereas Arii is her stepdaughter. Kinigra and her husband are both working full-time, so they have to be very organized in order to make it all work. she was never with tyrone thats her cousin irl, Umm sorry if this is rude witch it is but it says piper rockelle_fan234657 so its not the real piper again I am so sorry, wow yall think that ari is her daughter after watching all of her videos she is not they are friends so yall need to watch ari youtube so just quit and stop begin annoying to kingra the most famous youtuber, No they are not friends they are family all of them is family if u look at the channel the krown family Reggie aka kingras boyfriend is the father of arii so kingra is her stepmother, thank you someone for real have a brain and braincells, They re just saying that you really rude they may be new to the channel did ya ever think of that ? Seraph's World. Although She has never revealed her real asset, the external source claims her net worth is about $9 million USD. I'm a big fan love you so much. Deon started her own e-commerce company and was ready to sell her design and customize. She has amassed over 2 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. Kinigras most recent pregnancy resulted in a girl. VERSATILE! In her recent post on Instagram, she posted a picture with her new daughter before Christmas in Dec 2021. Can I Take Alka Seltzer Cold While Pregnant. Good night ! Is arii baby your doughter. #449 Most Popular. The Kinigra Deon sisterhood is a powerful sisterhood of black women who are committed to uplifting and empowering their communities. Kinigra Deon's child was born in 2021. The model is currently a new mom. She is basically an artist and social media star. I watch her everday. Kinigra Deon I am a huge fan of yours please reply to me?????? who they real parents, Stop it your aint kinigra you said THEY HAVE A WHOLE YT CHANNEL YA ASS TOLD ON YA SELF, No there not related but there all good friends lol, ari is her step daughter if yall dont bo that just stop bc yall dont bc she siad the bc ari dad i the baby daddy and the bout to get merid ok and roman is not her son ok have good. Deon also enjoys her opulent lifestyle, which includes buying automobiles and real estate. Kinigra feels at ease working in LA because she creates videos in her own studio and house. She also designs clothes and is a renowned stylist. if(typeof ez_ad_units != 'undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[300,250],'classifiedmom_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_1',111,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-classifiedmom_com-medrectangle-3-0'); Credit: if(typeof ez_ad_units != 'undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[300,250],'classifiedmom_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_2',112,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-classifiedmom_com-medrectangle-4-0');if(typeof ez_ad_units != 'undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[300,250],'classifiedmom_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_3',112,'0','1'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-classifiedmom_com-medrectangle-4-0_1'); .medrectangle-4-multi-112{border:none !important;display:block !important;float:none !important;line-height:0px;margin-bottom:7px !important;margin-left:auto !important;margin-right:auto !important;margin-top:7px !important;max-width:100% !important;min-height:250px;padding:0;text-align:center !important;}. :/, she is not the most famous YouTube but she is pretty famous and it say are is her stepchild from reggie last reletionship, hey Knigra tell roman Ari and Sarah and the 2 others I said hi ima big FAN, Spelled the name wrong is pronounce Ki ni gra. 9. Kinigra Deon is a well-known model, social media star, and YouTuber. your not the real kinigra. Its called Weirded Beautiful since she and a friend started it because of their common love of fashion. In her blog post, she talks about how she and her husband decided to have two kids and how they make it work for their family. Her famous webseries are The Bad Babysitter, Fight Kids ABout Mine, and Our Familys superpowers. READ ALSO: Mariah Huq's biography: who is the creator of Married to Medicine? Kinigra Deon's height is 5 feet 5 inches (167 centimetres) and weighs 138 pounds (63 kilograms). No she is dating Reggie they have a baby Kmila now plus Roman & Arii. yea they are, they literally have a whole family channel. She is also the stepmother of Arii, Reggie's daughter from his first relationship. Not even Ari they are just actors. She is just an actor like everyone else so yall need to stop assuming that Ari and Roman are my children and just ask. Ari is not my daughter. Kmila will turn two years old on her coming birthday in 2023. One of his most popular YouTube videos is about his old playground. Deon started her career as a scientist before moving on to modelling and acting. Kayla Wallace Husband: Is She Really Getting Married To Kevin McGarry? She mostly uploads skits and webseries on youtube, which gained her a lot of popularity and subscribers. never kill yourself there is a bad place for ppl if they do that! I know Ari and the new baby is heres but is Roman hers??? 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Conclusion. As of writing, Kinigra Deon is in a relationship with her boyfriend named Reggie Rue (reggieroo_) AKA Reggie Washington, with whom she has a very beautiful daughter named KMila Rose (KAH MEE LAH). Instagram Star. Ari Baby is a 10-11-year-old daughter of Reggie Washington that he had from his previous relationship before he got married to Kinigra. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. She has stunning black eyes, black hair, and lovely light brown complexion. Love your videos. Kinigra was also the stepmother of Arii, Reggies previous relationships daughter. A daughter was born to the couple. She tried fashion designing, and she did release her own single too. Arii is Reggies daughter and Roman is Reggies brother. His parents are named Kinigra and Reggie. Kinigra Deon is 35 years old (as of 2023). Watch popular content from the following creators: Arii Babyy(@itsariibabyy), Kinigra Deon(@kinigradeon), Kinigra Deon(@kinigradeon), Kinigra edits (@x.kinigra.editx), Kinigra edits (@x.kinigra.editx) . Birthplace Birmingham , AL Age 34 years old #416 Most Popular Boost About Content creator and actress who has gained a large following on her self-titled YouTube channel. Prior to dating Reggie, Deon dated the businessman and content producer Tim Willy. Finally, Kinigra launched House of Aparna and Styled by Kinigra, both of which provide style consultations for everyday life and special occasions. thank you i been saying the same fucking thinggg, I know They needs ta stop fuckin assuming shit like that. He posts family content, collaborations with friends, duets, comedy videos and dance trends. Monnie Drea. A look at the actors dating history, Bobbi Althoffs biography: age, husband, daughter, net worth, Does Sanaa Lathan have a husband? The inspiring mum of 6 who dedicates her time to supporting others. Kinigra Deon was born on 28 November 1988. 1. OutOfMyMind77 2 yr. ago. All Rights Reserved 2023 Biographygossips, Deena Centofanti Age, Husband, Salary, Net Worth 2022, Jorge Garay Age, Height, Boyfriend, Net Worth 2022, Siblings, Vernica Castros Son Michel Saenz Castro Bio, Age, Net Worth, Married, Jayden Croess Age, Net Worth 2022, Brother, Girlfriend, Frances Glandney Age, Birthday, Daughter, Smokey Robinson wife, Liza Koshy Boyfriend, Net Worth 2022, Height, Parents, Siblings. Arii and kinigra did a prank on Reggie and they was all holding hands and kinigra is Reggie girlfriend and arii is Reggie daughter, Ari and Roman Are her step kids. She began her career as a Clinical Laboratory Scientist (CLS). make sure you doing that homework first though. The girl was born in September, but the real date hasnt been public. Here, she shares her tips for balancing work and motherhood. She was born on November 28, 1988 at Birmingham, Alabama, United States. Birthday April 13, 1990. Check your inbox to be the first to know the hottest news. BRO EVERYONE READ THIS MESSAGE SO YALL CAN STOP ARGUING . Hey kinigra I have been a fan since u started making videos so In one of your vids can u shout me out? Years later, Kinigra achieved a huge following for her content on youtube, so she decided to continue her career in the field in which kinigra is prominent. Were sure shes doing a great job raising them! Kinigra Deon is an aspiring American actress, model, YouTuber, Instagram influencer, and social media sensation. 4.9M views, 8.5K likes, 655 loves, 458 comments, 4.3K shares, Facebook Watch Videos from Kinigra Deon: GROWING UP IN A BLACK HOME "Don't Let Nobody in My House" Created by: Arii Baby Starring:. Honey yes they are kinigra is they stepmom . Kinigra Deon is also popular on Youtube where she has attained more than 190,000 subscribers. Click here to Edit !! Roman is kinigra step son too. NA. She has started her channel in November 2013. Is Kinigra Deon Married? Reply. I dont think it is because the supposedly Tyrone dont even know how da spell husband. I love Kinigra Deon please reply to me love her videos and skits. The American YouTube sensation and digital content creator rose to fame on his self-titled YouTube channel amassed over 318,000 subscribers by the end of 2020. If you watch her videos you should know that Kinigra and Reggie are together, i wonder if ari and roman are her children, No just step Reggie is the biological father Of Roman and Ari .. Kinigra is their stepmother, i been tryna figure out is roman his son and if he was im curious why he call reggie regenald. Are you the real Kinigra Deon? Reggie Washington is her current boyfriend. She has also worked as a news anchor in the past. JOJO REDD) on May 15, 2022. PAY ATTENTION: Subscribe to Digital Talk newsletter to receive must-know business stories and succeed BIG! Well nobody is ugly there just jealous of you thats all. I was finna tell her that you just said that Lmaooo, ari is not her child she a actor like everyone else watch her videos they have them where they play them off none of it is real so just back off. There is a picture, also ari is in the profile picture with Kinigra and Reggie. Hey I cant comment down on your YouTube so Im going to wish you a happy birthday when your birthday come up which is your birthday is November 28th and you were born in 201988 and I wish you a happy birthday girl youre the best youre cute and I just came up here because I wanted to know how many kids you got and if you cant answer that question can you please go on YouTube and Tell us I will be watching that video when you do tell us so I wish you a happy birthday I loveRead more , Im also your number one fan youre so beautiful youre always beautiful and Im sorry shes beautiful to just like you she probably got her beauty from you I wish I was that beautiful people at school call me ugly. She is American by nationality. Required fields are marked *. She has been running the channel since 2013. Girl- is this real or clickbait it looks clickbait to me. 7. I dont get what your saying it doesnt make sense. I want to congratulate her, because she is pregnant only real fans would know that! Kinigra Deon, do you have a husband or a wife? 3. On the channel, she mostly posts comedy skits. Here are all the details about her baby, career, and other aspects of her life. Kinigra has amassed a large amount of content on her channel and has risen to prominence. Birthplace United States. 4. - : . She is a young emerging artist active since 2019. Kinigra Deon also uploads three weekly videos to her YouTube channel, which helps to grow her fan base. Kinigra is the most funniest YouTuber I have ever watched! The social media influencer was born in 1988, Birmingham, Alabama. Deon posts pictures of herself, her boyfriend, and her daughter on Instagram. i love when u say lemme tell you a thing or three I say that now to my friends and siblings when they tell me something and I also say or imma know something if they don do what I say, ? Information about her father and mother is confidential, but Mesha Deon is her only sibling. Not trying to be rude just tryna state fax, Its Being not begging get your fax right with all do respect, Ofc she is air is ha stepdaughter and Kamila rose is ha real daughter and roman is ha real son tbh, Are you blind?! For the time being, she and her family are residing in Los Angeles, California. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Birthplace United States. She is well-known over the internet for her unique content. All About His Partner, Actress, Content Creator, Youtube Star, Entrepreneur. She is currently pursuing a doctorate after graduating from the University of Alabama. The sisterhood has chapters in several cities across the United States, and its members are actively involved in their local communities. 1. Deon has amassed a sizable fortune over the course of her career. I really love watching you on youtube and instagram but im a little confused on who are your kids. American actress Kinigra Deon, 33, was born in Birmingham, Alabama, on November 28, 1988. . Kinigra has earned a lot being an actress, entrepreneur, model and social media influencer. Your not the real Kinigra . Deon has not disclosed any information about her parents or siblings. Boost. TOB M.C.L. Kinigra stands approximately 5 feet 6 inches (168 cm) tall and weighs 63 kg (138.6 lbs). Her Instagram handle has over 200k followers. You are already subscribed to our newsletter! She was born on October 10, 1994, in Los Angeles, California. - use subject to the practices disclosed in our privacy policy. You lie you said THEY not we. Kinigra is approx. Her popular YouTube segment I FIGHT KIDS ABOUT MINE features comedic arguments between children. The Kinigra deon family is a large and extended family of magical creatures native to the United Kingdom. Dont be afraid to ask for help. She shared some photographs showing her baby bump with her Instagram followers. Rate Kinigra Deon as YouTuber here Rating By 89 Users 19 Reviews (Write your opinion) PERSONAL INFORMATION REAL NAME Kinigra Deon BIRTHDAY November 28, 1988 BORN ON DAY Monday NEXT BIRTHDAY ON Tuesday BIRTHPLACE Birmingham, Alabama, United States AGE 34 Years 4 Months 22 Days NATIONALITY American PROFESSION Social Media Celebrities ( YouTuber) She publishes comedy skits, web series, and more entertaining stuff earning millions of views. Love both wish both much success. There is no word on how much money the American YouTuber makes. They were honest about their feelings and didnt try to hide anything from each other. I Love her videos with Ari and Roman and the little baby from I fight for mine kids episodes shes just the best. 306K followers. 3. We have detected that you are using extensions to block ads. I love her so much her skits are hilarious! 10. cherish the moments. Both of their children are healthy and happy. She posted a photo with her dad on Instagram forFather's Dayin 2019. Did we make any mistakes? Ari and Roman are Reggies Biological kids. Artist. But what about when your ideal partner is someone who is already married to someone else? COMEDY CREATOR DON'T WAIT TO WATCH FULL VIDEOS ON MY YOUTUBE.Watch the latest video from Kinigra Deon (@kinigradeon). Age 14 years old. Is Kinigra Deon married? While battling with her own demons she continues to be the voice for others unable to speak out. She also has a million+ followers on her Facebook account. His most popular videos tend to be prank vlogs. GOOFY ASF! They have a daughter who is four years old and a son who is two. Kinigra Deons boyfriend is an entrepreneur from the United States. Kinigra Deon is an actress, model, stylist, and entrepreneur who creates content. Check Out: Another American Youtuber Vitaly Zdorovetskiy. 4. 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We dont know how many kids Kinigra Deon has, but we do know that shes a mom! Also, Kinigra Deon is the stepmother of Reggies daughter, Arii, from his past relationship. 46w. Kinigra Deon (@kinigradeon) on TikTok | 84.8M Likes. She has not disclosed the exact date of birth of her baby; she, however, shared a photo during her birthday holding the baby. Kinigra Deon (The KRown Family) Members From Youngest To OldestYouTube family that rose to fame by sharing their daily lives and adventures through relatable vlogs. She was born in the city of Birmingham, Alabama, in the United States of America. i was pregnant with my first child recently. but she is the real mom to kmila, No Ari is her stepdaughter but Roman I think hes the cousin of Ari because Reggie and kingra is together so that makes arii her stepdaughter. Being an actor, businesswoman, model, and social media influencer has brought in a lot of money for Kinigra. Her experience as the wife of a medical doctor inspired her to create the television series, Married to Medicine. Dont let nobody tell you that you are ugly bc you are so beautiful and u have a wonderful family. Deon also appeared on the Kinigra Deon Family and The Krown Family YouTube channels. Kinigra Deons YouTube channel primarily features comedy skits and web series. Nobody ask for your language wit all do respect! Deon has not disclosed any information about her parents or siblings. Although the girl was born in September, the precise day has not been made known. Actor and video creator who became known for his YouTube account, which has accrued 320,000 fans. Because yall get the arguing and then all hell breaks down. #10148 Most Popular. The Bad Babysitter, Fight Kids About Mine, Our Family Superpowers, When Your Mumma Cant Cook, and other Deon web series are available on YouTube. Take time for your relationship. @thekrownfamily. Aww, thank you babes i love you too and i appreciate that you watch my videos. Keeping Your Floors Clean With A New Baby: Tips for a Safe and Spotless Home, Medical Conditions That Can Benefit From Using Hair Growth Supplements, Discover 3 Social Media Income Opportunities for Stay-at-Home Moms. KINIGRA IS THE STEP MOTHER OF BOTH OF THEM. In the first few comments, you said THEY have a whole family channel Stupid you just told on yourself quit tryna be someone your not. Ari Baby Daughter, Son & Relationships Career- Youtuber Have a wonderful day babes!!! Aside from her clothing business, shes also started an online shop and styling service. Know Your Age, Exact in Years, Months, & Days. Wiki, Biography, Net worth, Husband, Kids, Family, Age, Height & More, Lil Kim Net Worth, Wiki, Married, Bio, Family, Career, Fact, Nikki Roumel Biography, Wiki, Age, Height, Weight, Family, Net Worth, Film, Image & More, Charlie Ocean Goldblum Net Worth,Wiki, Married, Bio, Family, Career, Fact, Eden Marley Net Worth,Wiki, Married, Bio, Family, Career, Fact, Joe Calzaghe Age, Wiki, Net worth, Height, Nationality, career, Wife, Facts, Stephanie Cozart Burton biography: age, height, birthday, partner, net worth, Candis Cayne biography: age, height, birthday, partner, net worth, Actress, Content Creator, Youtube Star, Entrepreneur. I dont think so . I guess we all grow and sometimes go different direction. What Makes IB World Schools Stand Out From The Rest? Furthermore, She is not just a YouTuber, she is an entrepreneur, model, businesswoman, and sketch comedian. Be flexible. It actually saids it up there. The Southern girl from Alabama who lives in Los Angeles Streets has made a name in the entertainment world.
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