Last week my daughter was able to get both the cherry and peach. I was a Girl Scout and I do support both Girl and Boy Scouts, but they have changed and I find I am less and less motivated to help them. Aldi is no stranger to selling Girl Scout Cookie Dupes. JUST DONATE $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ In other works, hide or suppress the truth. What the main problem is, is the flavor! (One exception is if the only sugar alcohol in the food is erythritol, and then you can subtract all of its carbs.). I buy Girl Scout Cookies every year, but I have a rule. Better than Keebler and more in a pack. What are ya waiting for?! They are on the hard and crumbly side, but they arent necessarily dry. ), Bentons Upcycled Vanilla Oatmilk Cookies nutrition information and ingredients. I would guess a major portion of the proceeds goes back to the manufacturer and a slim portion goes to these great organizations. YES I DO AGREE I LOVE THE FIG BAR CHEWY COOKIE.AND ITS MUCH BETTER THAN THEN NAME BRAND ONES IN ONLY COST 1.00$.. It turns out that there is a surprisingly complex chemical reaction taking place. Really? I dont speak gourmet scientific but the taste I have loved over the same Keebler offerings has been diminished, watered down. Last year, Aldi also briefly sold some striped fudge mint cookies that tasted a lot like Thin Mints, even if they didnt look like them, but those are currently not in stock at Aldi. These Benton boxes of Girl Scout-inspired goodness offer a sweet splurge that's easy on the wallet. Extra 20% Off Betty Crocker Baking Mixes on Amazon | Peanut Butter Cookie Mix $1.11 Shipped, Fancypants uses ingredients from Renewal Mill, which produces baking flours from the byproducts of various food production processes. Peanut butter lovers scouting out the cookie aisle will want to grab a box (or four) of Bentons Peanut Butter Filled Cookies for just $1.48. Please consider not sending students to ask all their teachers. The cookies are a Regular Buy ( core range product), which means you can find them at Aldi any time of year. Benton's Caramel Coconut Cookies, which are just like Girl Scout Samoa Cookies, also remain available. Thank you!! Aldi used to sell imitation Girl Scout Thin Mints. Not one, not two, but three new Benton's flavors! If they opted out of taking incentives (which are simply cheap dollar store prizes) they earned $0.25 , a little over 6 percent. Save my name, email, and site URL in my browser for next time I post a comment. And Aldis has a great alternative for the other ten months of the year when these cookies arent being sold. These Benton's Fudge Mint Cookies are a dupe for Thin Mints. Well I appreciate the effort, please consider not approaching teachers. Visit Insider's homepage for more stories. Its okay to sell outside grocery stores, but please dont come knocking on a friends door ! Aldis Samoa knockoffs are amazing. For all those cookie craving moments in between, youll find us at Aldi. Not sure if theyve made it up north yet. That is really too bad! Benton's Peanut Butter Fudge Cookies from Aldi. I dont have a good reason to go there now. These Aldi cookies are a Regular Buy or core range product, which means Aldi should stock them all year. Benton's Breakfast Biscuit Assorted Varieties Amountsee price in store * Quantity 8.8 oz. The Okara Chocolate Chip cookies are a bit light on chocolate chips, but none of us found that to be a deal breaker. My understanding is that the bulk of the money goes to support the national organization, including fat executive salaries. They seemed to have sold better than the other GS cookie knockoffs, but never so popular that there were runs on them, at least at my store. I am probably going to do most of the work, (she is 6) however, I still make her do tons of things to help out that are appropriate for her age and ability. Automated page speed optimizations for fast site performance. The assorted kits come in several. If you are fortunate to have BOTH choices (like in the Northeast) of Lidl and Aldi you will instantly notice many similarities and identicals (i.e. I just wanted to let everyone know what a great store Aldi is and that all the Bentons Cookies are so good and you really cant beat the price! Today I review Aldi Benton's Chocolate Chip Pecan Meltaway Cookies, so you don't have to. Cookies & Sweets | ALDI US You are here: Homepage Products Snacks Cookies & Sweets Dairy & Eggs Fresh Produce Fresh Meat & Seafood Deli Frozen Foods Bakery & Bread Snacks selected Pantry Essentials Breakfast & Cereals Beverages Alcohol Baby Items Pet Supplies Household Essentials Personal Care Easter Fan Favorites Seasonal Products See All Products It seems very odd to me that they would pull them at all. :'(. Processed keto products usually include more fiber and/or artificial sweeteners such as stevia or erythritol. Get your Girl Scout cookie cravings all year long at ALDI! Its all chocolaty, crunchy goodness! Get yours before they're all gone. * Available while quantities last. . What happened to Benton's chocolate chip cookies? But never mind those, the best biscuit cookies from The Netherlands are now available at Lidl. Can you find out what the bioengineered ingredient is in some of the Bentons Cookies? Parents take these order forms to work and ask everyone.. the girls do very little. The stores originally were pretty basic, no produce, no meat, no frozen foods, only nonperishable s. Now the stores carry everything. Thats why you see them Infront of stores, to get ride of the extra the troop has to purchase. Nutritionally, both Bentons Upcycled Cookie flavors have 140 calories per four-cookie serving (31 grams). Both? Always bought ! I would prefer to give 100% of my $$ to a good cause than feed the pockets of the companies who come up with these have I got a deal for you! schemes. Should you try Benton's Almond Flour Cookies found at Aldi? The Girl Scout organization really needs to be revamped anyways. This post isnt dissuading people from buying Girl Scout cookies in general. Is ALDI Owned by China? Your email address will not be published. They advertise that they're grain free and that the chocolate chip cookies have zero net carbs while the snickerdoodles have 1 gram of net carbs per serving. Furthermore, the company has been expanding rapidly in recent years, opening new stores and adding new products to its lineup. Whether you want to enjoy these delicious, creamy cookies right after dinner or just for an afternoon snack, pick up a pack of Benton's Peanut Butter Filled Cookies and treat yourself with all these yummy flavors. ALDI is a privately-owned company, so it does not have to share its financial information publicly. After all, it is a known fact that the same factory (LBB) produces cookies for Keebler and for GS. I hope they do bring them back. (I am trying to convince my husband the peanut butter is secretly Jiff ) Also, because of the Peter . I live in the Chicago area and have shopped at Aldi for many years. Some people could not afford to buy a box of Girl Scout cookies they are way over priced and honestly it is not really the girls selling them anymore.. Aldis copycat Girl Scout Thin Mints, now extinct. What Happened to Aldis Girl Scout Thin Mint Copycat Cookies? Ive also seen Aldi sell keto friendly baking mix, keto friendly buns, and keto friendly ice cream pints. Fancypants states that their cookies are available on Amazon, and that appears to be the only place you can buy the Fancypants upcycled cookies. ALDI employs more than 25,000 people and offers a variety of store brand products, including Bentons Cookies. Nice assertion. The snickerdoodles are a lot darker-colored than they appear on the package. brand for $4.84. These cookies are now different! Benton's Caramel Coconut Fudge Cookies cost $1.39 for an 8.5-ounce package at the time of publication. The package also states they contain bioengineered food ingredients. Teaches your kid win-win business strategy and out of the box thinking. I received this response: The item in which you are inquiring has been discontinued and is no longer available. I watch them in front of Wal-Mart and all they do is ask wanna buy some GS cookies?. But they keep the peach flavor, which tastes like battery acid. Whether you want to enjoy these delicious, creamy cookies right after dinner or just for an afternoon snack, pick up a pack of Benton's Peanut Butter Filled Cookies and treat yourself with all these yummy flavors. 7 Specially Selected Cheese Bites. That means that foods such as white bread, cookies, soda, donuts or pastries, and other sugary foods or foods with processed white flour are off limits. One family member said they look like clumped brown sugar, but everyone agreed these taste a lot like regular snickerdoodles. The fig ones were ok. Shop; Deals; Recipes; Lists; Departments These are more expensive than traditional cookies, but if youre on a keto diet and are craving cookies, these will do the trick. My favorites are the peanut butter fudge cookies, which are dead ringers for Girl Scout Tagalongs. I love Bentons Chocolate Chip Dunkers! Today, Girl Scout Cookies are still as popular as ever, with over 200 million boxes sold each year. By using this site, you are agreeing to the site's terms of use. Store-bought cookies typically have a shelf life of two to three weeks, while homemade cookies will last for two months in the refrigerator. Im sure most people buy a box at ten when they are available but it is a discussion on Aldi cookies. Those EXACT Fudge Mint Cookies have reappeared in the other German grocer, Lidl. Once in awhile I well buy Girl scout cookies if I have the money and one or two boxes as there expensive. The new Bentons keto cookies come in more flavors, but they areterrible, frankly. It's tanginess is a little off putting, but it's not a bad smell. They advertise that theyre grain free and that the chocolate chip cookies have zero net carbs while the snickerdoodles have 1 gram of net carbs per serving. What lesson in enterpreneurial skills is learned by girls selling at three times the market price to people who feel pressured to buy? My husband loves Aldis Chewy Chocolate Chip cookies. Benton's Peanut Butter Filled Cookies Benton's Pecan Shortbread Cookies Benton's Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies ONLY $1.69 It's not your Grandma's coupon site! Likewise, if your oven temperature is too high, your cookies will be dry and crispy. It seems like the parents are selling all the cookies. Delivery Pickup unavailable. You can also read our review of Bentons Mint Striped Fudge Cookies, which are similar to Thin Mints and were available at Aldi for a short time only during the spring of 2021, here. We have recently started shopping at Aldi's, and I thought I would see if any Aldi Gurus know who makes some of the products like the peanut butter, milk, yogurts, etc .really any product. i loved the anise flavor! "Yes, they're cheap, but the regular grocery stores generally sell frozen . Benton's Churro Creme Cookies. You can snag a 10-ounce package of 52 Fudge Mint cookies right now for $1.48. Its currently owned by by Snyder Lance, but they do orders for many private labels too such as Wal-Marts Great Value etc. The year has 12 month and Girl Scout cookies are only sold in what maybe 4 6 weeks. But January is a long time away, and those freezer stockpiles only last so long. If Aldi can make a profit Save my name, email, and site URL in my browser for next time I post a comment. Its a challenge to get past the hard, crumbly nature of most keto ice creams as well, thanks to the sugar alcohols theyre sweetened with. I love BENTONS caramel coconut fudge cookies And fudge marshmallow cookies. ($4.50-$5) In addition, the local troop leaders themselves do not receive any financial support from the GS Councils. Unfortunately are Girl Scout cookies are not available all year. Product Code: 47702 Add to shopping list Your shopping list is empty. According to the Okara Chocolate Chip packaging, okara is the nutritious pulp left over from tofu and soymilk production. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window). Cookies are a delicious snack that can be enjoyed at any time. Unfortunately, very little of what you mentioned actually happens. I bought some today and they are pretty good. But they were crispy, and I could see myself. I just wanted to point out that Im pretty sure the baker for aldis version & GS cookies are the same. ONLY $1.69. They have about 80% of the flavor of the last 4 pkgs I purchased. In terms of allergens, the Vanilla Oatmilk cookies contain wheat, milk, and eggs, and they might also contain soy. I think that is a great win win especially if the person wants to write a check and get a receipt for a tax deductible donation while still supporting the child who is selling goods. Satisfy your snack attacks. So over priced, you wouldnt spend that much on a cookie in a store! You are helping out your community beyond girl scouts by supporting these girls. Provide some documentation to support your assertion. I also loved the Pecan Shortbread ones. Also, GS does not make the cookies. Bentons Caramel Coconut Fudge Cookies cost $1.39 for an 8.5-ounce package at the time of publication. Jump to navigation [ALT+1] Jump to content [ALT+2] Find a Store; Email Sign Up; ALDI Corporate . We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. On a side note, it is very difficult when students ask teachers to buy fundraisers products. I would have been happy to look up for you, but you didnt mention the California city you live in. BINGO!! Get your Girl Scout cookie cravings all year long at ALDI! Thats s a big disappointment! 1 ramos1969 2 yr. ago I just bought some of these. I cant possibly afford to buy from all who ask and its not appropriate to buy from some and not all. They responded promptly with the same message, simply stating they had been discontinued and offering no reason. That girl may have overcome great fear just to speak to you, please be polite as you say no thank you. Please bring them back. This means that the cookies are produced by another company that outsources its production to ALDI. The Okara Chocolate Chip cookies contain okara, a nutritious pulp left over after tofu and soymilk production, while the Vanilla Oatmilk cookies contain the nutritious pulp left over after oatmilk production. They have a smooth outer chocolate coating, creamy peanut butter filling, and a crisp cookie interior. Its hard to say no and the products are very pricey. When you limit your carb intake enough, the idea is that your body eventually goes into a process called ketosis in which you break down protein and fat for energy instead of breaking down carbohydrates. Yes, Amber, our whole troop learned a Big These are made with ingredients including almond flour, erythritol (an artificial sweetener), stevia (a sugar substitute), coconut oil, butter, egg whites, natural vanilla flavor, hydrolyzed collagen, baking soda, xanthan gum, and sea salt. With that said, today Im looking at the Aldi caramel coconut fudge cookies. The pulp left after making oatmilk poses similar problems. The snickerdoodles have 140 calories per serving, with 13 grams of total fat (17% DV), 5 grams of saturated fat (25% DV), 180 mg of sodium (8% DV), 8 grams of total carbohydrates (3% DV), 2 grams of dietary fiber (7% DV), 1 gram of total sugars, no added sugars, and 5 grams of sugar alcohols. Under the brand name Benton's, you can find three of the best Girl Scout cookie-inspired flavors - Thin Mints, Tagalongs, and Samoas. ALDI. . While some okara is incorporated into Asian dishes or used as livestock feed or fertilizer, large quantities of it are either burned up or dumped into landfills, both of which pose environmental problems. I know from working with my daughters troop. Did they change recipes, bakeries? Get yours before theyre all gone. Walmarts Great Value Brand being just as good as Keebler cookies. I gave in to pressure. In fact any of their own store brand I have found to be great. But how long do they last? At the same time, the baking soda or powder starts to break down into carbon dioxide gas. It really doesnt matter that they are a big chain store, everyone cant afford Girl Scout cookies,we all know how the GIRL scout cookie thong works and how the sell of the cookies work, however there are just as meany people out there that cant afford Girl Scout cookies,girl scouts is a big organization also, so let those less fortunate buy some girl scout cookies knock off,but they are not knock offs,they are just cookies,js. You can snag a 10-ounce package of 52 Fudge Mint cookies right now for $1.48. Check out her latest work Thats because when food is thrown in landfills to rot, it emits carbon dioxide and contributes to greenhouse gases. When they order their cookies they have to buy the entire case, even if they only needed 1box out if it. I stopped buying GS cookies when I found out the troop got 10 a box but the executives were paid handsomely back when my kids were Scouts. FREE TCBY Frozen Yogurt for Moms on Mothers Day (May 14th). We live in Southern California and have many Aldis locations that have opened up in the last 2 years. But then in January of 2020, we noticed the Fudge Mint Cookies were missing from our local stores. Trainings, aside from the very basic skills, must all be paid out of pocket by the leader. So yes I buy and like Aldi cookies and I do not apologize for buying them. I dont see how the girls know how to interact with buyers, if they do, I havent seen any where I live. I absolutely love these Caramel Coconut cookies. I was also a girl scout many years ago and everyones parents took the forms to work. Prices and labels may vary by location. My family hasnt always liked processed keto friendly foods. The mission of Girl Scouts is to develop girls of courage confidence and character. Non-Disclosure Agreement would explain the silence on WHY. Vegetarian Recipes. I love dig bars BENTONS Products has gotten a lot better,then before..and the cost IS AWESOME.You cant go wrong..Im a very picky person and eater..I have to watch for I eat..Trust me what I say..ALDIS has came along way,from when I started shopping there when my kids were very small..and thats over 20yrs ago..I just started buying the baby back ribs..My Hubby Loves Them..I dont shop at Save a Lot. I do not have to buy cookies. After eating half the bag of the shortbread ones, I felt like, For future advice, if you dont want to open a huge can of thin mints flavored worms, dont compare you deal store cookies to gs cookies!
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