PPD LeaderShip PPD Leadership The images below depict the executive tier of the Philadelphia Police Department. A data brief that describes the relationship between unemployment and gun violence in Philadelphia. Police Theron Pride Violence Prevention Stephanie Tipton Chief Administrative Officer DeWayne Gordon First Deputy Chief Administrative Officer James Leonard Records . To fulfill a resolution and bill sponsored by Council President Clarke, the FY21 budget proposes funds to hire 28 new positions. <> Check out our interactive police department organizational chart. The report, Collaborative Reform InitiativeAn Assessment of Deadly Force in the Philadelphia Police Department can be found on the COPS Office website. Jennifer Warren. Michael Wenzler. stream choose to provide your contact information for follow-up. Here are a few more specific duties of a police sergeant: Police officers are typically managed by police sergeants and are the boots on the ground for police departments. ~I.*`1 w] %|l M\ub=(gd;[T~Sn0/DnTt:Z-,]]}aB~%YF@VxK+:8x~Ep+qz\d? The Superintendent-in-Chief is responsible for the development, review, evaluation, and recommendation to the Police Commissioner of policies, procedures, and programs necessary to ensure the implementation of community policing and the effective delivery of police services to the public. A police department org chart visualizes the reporting structure within a police department. They must also uphold and enforce all penal laws of their district. Responsible forrendering employee assistance and counseling to Boston Police Officers. 2.4 The City is divided into operational zones for policing/planning purposes. %PDF-1.7 <> Philadelphia (Acting) Kimberly Ali Human Services Rachael Eisenberg Criminal Justice Heloise Jettison Workforce Development Chellie Cameron PHL & PNE Airport Sarah Steltz <> The Philadelphia Police Department Organizational Chart describes the structure of the department and shows the relationship of components within the entire organization. CITY OF PHILADELPHIA ORGANIZATION CHART (ALL FUNDS) BY PROGRAM FISCAL 2023 OPERATING BUDGET Department No. For those same three decades, politicians and police commissioners have blamed the police contracts provisions for how officers are disciplined, and FOP leaders negotiating those contracts have said they have simply been defending their members. Joe Sullivan suddenly retired as a deputy commissioner in the Philadelphia Police Department last year, about a week before the mayor tapped the city's first Black woman to lead the department. 4 0 obj 20 new Intelligence Bureau positions will be added to support data-driven policing, which is crucial to stemming the tide of gun violence in the city. We encourage residents to make their voices heard at. Philadelphia International Airport is owned and operated by the City of Philadelphia. This electronic Associate Director, Human Capital. !&HYoNt6N[,t! Because of the nature of law enforcement, we understand that citizens on occasion may object to the actions of the police, or may feel their ADP, PAL programming fills the dangerous void for Philadelphia kids during after-school and summertime hours by providing constructive . Danielle M. Outlaw Police Commissioner Philadelphia PoliceDepartmentRecruitment UnitPhiladelphia Public Safety Building (PPSB)400 North Broad StreetSuite 04-W-117Philadelphia, PA 19130Phone:(215) 683-COPS (2677)Monday-Friday 8am-4pmemail:police.recruitment@phila.gov, Media Inquiriespolice.public_affairs@phila.gov. endobj <> $ D^?|W}}G>iviFZOv_>gWr 4p]?rgO;K/3JI~Hktr?a)^pypO>}*~v \9+~q;.p u PAL is a youth development organization offering educational, athletic, recreational, character-building, and cultural programs to Philadelphia's youth, ages 6-18. The Philadelphia Police Department (PPD) is the nation's fourth largest police department, with over 6600 sworn members and 800 civilian personnel. -sOutputFile=? -f ? 2bm5Wxgd@%gqG&dNC^;ahoq)7GmpG%VlLmn1ML\,^9GIk`}hQ6v&0UZ$.G/)q).<4y$@V{c/1{'P2G dcE etCEkC+Yu^k 6w?`d%&;Zd%CRzg`}*dc^Rtl,{>QfB{F1. The Philadelphia Police Department ( PPD or Philly PD) is the police agency responsible for law enforcement and investigations within the City of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. % 1 0 obj They will also respond to calls for service, assist in conducting search and seizures, write citations, assist during emergency situations, enforce laws, statutes, and ordinances, and review and approve incident and accident reports. Acting Chief Financial Officer. Implicit bias training is a racial equity tool that identifies ways in which unconscious patterns affect attitudes and actions and debiases to slow down or stop rapid, almost automatic response, including in very stressful situations. Those residents are asking the City to redistribute the funds to community initiatives and social service programs. 3 Junkins Ave. Portsmouth, NH 03801. Police departments will often want to publish their organizational chart so the public has a better idea of their structure. All PAL programs are fun, safe, and FREE. We understand these concerns. If you would like to recognize an officer who has performed his/her duties in a manner that you think is exceptional and reflects Provides assistance to employees of the Department and their families, active and retired, in coping with personal loss, crisis, and transition of sworn personnel into retirement. The Philadelphia Police Department, known by many as the PPD, is the nation's fourth largest police department, with more than 6,500 sworn and 800 civilian members. The chief establishes departmental policies, procedures, and regulations and administers a comprehensive program for crime prevention and law enforcement for the city, including regulations, city codes, ordinances, and court decisions that affect the city. An official website of the City of Philadelphia government. Your opinion about the Philadelphia Police Department is important to us and we take it seriously. more. 0h21U+Xoiwu#$uvqA z\3h9BLUrs6zVI.k. CHART is a publication that highlights under-reported or under-appreciated public health issues in an effort to kick-start a conversation. (function($) {window.fnames = new Array(); window.ftypes = new Array();fnames[0]='EMAIL';ftypes[0]='email';fnames[1]='FNAME';ftypes[1]='text';fnames[2]='LNAME';ftypes[2]='text';}(jQuery));var $mcj = jQuery.noConflict(true); Only government entities in the U.S. can end in .gov, It looks like your device language is set to, Diversity, inclusion, accessibility & immigration, Sleep-Related Deaths and the Philadelphia Response, Unintentional Drug Overdose Fatalities in Philadelphia, 2021, Depression Among Pregnant & Postpartum Philadelphians, Syringe Services Programs (SSPs) Are Highly Effective Health Interventions, Routine Vaccination Rates in Philadelphia Unstable During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Hallucinogen-Involved Hospitalization Trends in Philadelphia, Chronic Male Unemployment and Gun Violence in Philadelphia, Unintentional Drug Overdose Fatalities in Philadelphia, 2020, Stimulant Prescribing and Stimulant-Related Deaths in Philadelphia, Unemployment and Mortality in Philadelphia, Infectious Diseases Continue to Spread Among People Who Inject Drugs, Breastfeeding Among Mothers in Philadelphia, Reported Incidence of Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome in Philadelphia, 2019, COVID-19 Impact by Age and Race/Ethnicity in Philadelphia, The Impact of COVID-19 on Unintentional Drug Overdoses in Philadelphia, Vaccination Rates Drop in Philadelphia During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Unintentional Drug Overdose Fatalities in Philadelphia, 2019, Paralysis Among Victims of Gun Violence in Philadelphia, Hospitalizations for Infections Related to Injection Drug Use, Deaths Among People Experiencing Homelessness (December 2019), Access to Primary Care in Philadelphia (December 2019), HIV Continues to Spread Among People Who Inject Drugs (October 2019), Youth Suicide Rates in Philadelphia (September 2019), Diabetes Prevalence and Impact on Philadelphia (July 2019), Hypertension Among Adults in Philadelphia, 2011-2017 (May 2019), Fatal Drug Overdoses in Philadelphia, 2018 (May 2019), Stimulant Prescribing and Stimulant-Involved Deaths in Philadelphia (April 2019), Youth Consumption of Soda in Philadelphia, 20072017 (February 2019), Medication Assisted Treatment Among Medicaid Beneficiaries in Philadelphia (December 2018), HIV Spread Among People Who Inject Drugs (October 2018), Fatal Drug Overdoses in Philadelphia, 2017 (April 2018), Obesity Among Adults in Philadelphia, 2011-2016 (May 2018), Overdose Experiences of People Who Use Opioids Surveyed at a Syringe Exchange Program and Homeless Encampments (May 2018), Hepatitis C Virus Infection in Philadelphia (November 2017), Deaths and Injuries from Firearms in Philadelphia (September 2017), Prescription Opioid and Benzodiazepine Use in Philadelphia (August 2017), Obesity Among School-Aged Children in Philadelphia, 20062015 (August 2017), 2016 Overdoses From Opioids in Philadelphia (April 2017), Resurgence of Syphilis Among Men Who Have Sex With Men (April 2017), Use of Tobacco by Youth in Philadelphia (February 2017), Sleep-related Infant Deaths in Philadelphia (February 2017), Opioids Overdose Death Spike, December 2016 (February 2017), Alcohol Sales and Violence in Philadelphia (January 2017), The Impact of the Affordable Care Act in Philadelphia (January 2017), The Epidemic of Overdoses From Opioids in Philadelphia (June 2016), Tobacco Sales and Neighborhood Income In Philadelphia (July 2016), Air Pollution in Philadelphia and the 2016 SEPTA Strike (December 2016). In these cases . We look forward to public discussion and collaboration with City Council during the upcoming budget hearings on these important issues. This position is also responsible for organizing required training, providing administrative and policy activities in support of operations, managing assigned projects, managing operational budgets, managing inventory, overseeing the investigation of criminal activities, and performing special assignments. The Chief of Police will be at the top with Lieutenants, Sergeants, and Officers arranged in a hierarchy below. Philadelphia, PA 19130, FILE A POLICE REPORT It is an honor to serve as your Police Commissioner. Nj{KM This post was updated to include the beginning note stating that the proposed budget no longer includes an increase for the Police Department. Roll Call Complaints provide a means for informing patrol officers of chronic neighborhood problems or conditions that are not of an Reporting directly to the Police Commissioner, the Superintendent-in-Chief is the highest-ranking police officer in the Department. They oversee the operations of the patrol division and direct, supervise, and evaluate officers assigned to their division.
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